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Kaokao Culinary Adventures Travel Log: Atlanta part 3

Final Atlanta Eats! at Chai Pani. This place was kind of hilarious. There were white people wearing NAMASTE Y’ALL shirts serving us (and there was a Namaste Y’all MERCH TABLE too!), kitsch bollywood posters all over the walls, and desi themed cocktails. The food was actually not that bad though. Up above we have kale pakoras, gol gappay, and masala fries with tomato chutney. The pakoras were different because of the kale element, but I felt I wasn’t able to really enjoy it because of how greasy they were. Granted, pakoras are supposed to be greasy, but this was some next level grease. Next the gol gappay were actually pretty tasty. The masala fries were not to my liking. I’m more of a steak cut/thicker fries kinda gal myself, so was left with a tinge of dissatisfaction. Overall, I’d give it a B-. Maybe next time i’ll try main entrees instead of just the fried snacks. 

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